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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Visit Palestine" poster by Franz Kraus - what does it stand for?

"Visit Palestine" poster by Franz Kraus - what does it stand for?

Gaza, March 20, I came across this “Visit Palestine” poster somewhere and I stopped to admire my homeland’s beauty. Honestly, the portrait is beautiful. The past two years have been a sole proof that when “its too good to be true, then its probably NOT true”. I took a closer look. I spotted writings in Hebrew and the name of the artist behind it. I was right. A quick note: This poster was made in 1936.

Franz Kraus, Israeli graphic designer, was the artist behind this beautiful poster. More curious than cats, I immediately turned to google to know more about Mr. krausz. Here is some info about him:
Franz Kraus (also known as Franz Krausz; 13 May 1905, St. Pölten, Austria – 1998, Tel Aviv, Israel) was an Israeli graphic designer. Kraus grew up in Graz, Austria, and claimed that his favorite place was the art studio of brother Emil Kraus. Kraus lived in Berlin 1926–33, where he eventually assumed the position of the sole graphic designer of the Friedrich Ernst Hübsch-Verlag (publisher). The job fulfilled his early desire to become an artist; he had envied brother Emil's talent. As a night student, he studied in the Reimann Schule in Berlin, the city where he met his wife-to-be Anni. Due to the frightening public antisemitic incidences there, he and Anni decided to immigrate to Palestine. (WikiPedia)

If you wish to learn more about Franz Kraus, check this WikiPedia Link:

When you take a first look, you would think Franz was a Pro-Palestinian Jew\Israeli. Think again. Yes, this portrait was done in 1936 (before the Palestinian Nakba, Foundation of Israel). Yet, Franz painted a wide range of similar portraits “celebrating” the beauty in Palestine and asking Jews everywhere to come and redeem their land. Yes, you read it well, redeem their land and yes “again” this was prior to the foundation of Israel. Some of Franz’s portraits had titles like: “Blessed Land of Israel Awaits Redemption”, “Redeem the Land”, “Zionist Pioneer - Krausz Draft”, “Yakhin Jaffa Oranges - Jordan Jaffa Oranges”, “Guide to New Palestine”, “Invest in Palestine - Build the Jewish State”, and “Eretz Israel - The Country of Our Future”.

I don’t know what redemption Franz was talking about if all those portraits –those with redemption and Zionist titles- was made between 1935 and 1936. If Israel was founded in 1948, what land do they want to redeem exactly? Ok, I wont be turning to google or WikiPedia or different links to tell you about the history of Palestine. I am not a history teacher, nor do I have the intention of giving you a lecture in history.

So, Palestine was Palestine until some Zionist Jews like Mr. Franz decided they wanted redemption. Redemption of a land that was never theirs, AGAIN Israel was founded in 1948. So Zionist Jews inside and outside of Palestine decided to expel Palestinians and take their land because they wanted redemption. Palestinians tried to fight against this ethnic cleansing but unlike Israel, we were not armed by the British occupation, so we lost. So who should ask for redemption? Prior to 1948, Israel didn’t exist, Palestine did, yet we have no right to claim that the land is ours???!!!

Franz wanted Zionist Jews to come occupy Palestine and take everything, even the name of the country they will take by force. Instead, they came and took over but changed the name into Israel. Well, he did mention Eretz Israel as the country of their future in one of his portraits. He failed to mention that it will be built on the ruins of a country, ruins of a nation and on the ruins of Palestinian corps.

Israel relied on “smuggled” Western, Soviet and Czech weapons to ethnically cleanse my people and my land. I give Israel A for repeating history in such a shockingly replicated way. They performed and still performing an on-going “holocaust” against Palestinians but we aren’t allowed to talk about it or we will be labeled as “anti-Semitic”. As if, Palestinians themselves aren’t Semites. They forced Gaza to rely on “smuggling” tunnels after imposing an unjust siege using the pretext of “Shalit”, an Israeli soldier who was released weeks ago, yet Gaza remains under SIEGE.

Ok, ready to hear something hilarious? I came across another link related to “Visit Palestine” poster that was done by Franz Kraus. The article featured David Tartakover, sixty, the graphic artist behind the appearance — or reappearance — of this poster. David is an Israeli who won a top prize for design in 2002.  He expressed his anger when he saw the same poster hung, painted and portrayed by Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. He considered this as “Hijacking” the art of his fellow Zionist –We are talking about Franz Kraus here- and how Palestinians did it in a very cheap way.

So an Israeli has the right to feel angry and accuse us of hijacking a poster that portrayed OUR land. Yet we CAN NOT ACCUSE Israel of hijacking our land, hijacking our culture and killing civilians. Hush, you are Palestinian. You were born to die with no voice or rights.

Have you heard of this expression: “He believed his own lie”? I think it implies on Israelis.

We differentiate between a Jew and a Zionist, but its not enough. We call for peace, but its not enough. We condemn the killing of Israeli children in local accidents, but that’s not enough. We condemn the death of Jewish children in international accidents, but its not enough. We shout loudly to explain that not all Gaza’s 1,800,000+ residents are militants, but they don’t believe us and its not enough. We swear that most of us are civilians, they don’t believe us and its not enough. Its never enough. 

Its our land, we are the victims yet WE ARE OBLIGED TO ALWAYS EXPLAIN OURSELVES. We are the occupied not the occupiers. Civilians are killed here while Israel claim self defense, feel free to check Israel statistics about the number of civilians killed by Palestinian “militants” each year and you will find a simple single digit if not 0. Yet, check the number of Palestinian children killed in Gaza by Israel, the number would be so damn high.

You have to be really super dumb, brainless and idiotic to not see the truth.

Palestine existed before 1948 and exists now, yet some Israelis tell us Palestine doesn’t exist because its Israel now. Here is my message for them:
“Dears, if you steal a land from someone that doesn’t make it yours. Dear, if you decided to change the Oranges name to Apples that doesn’t make an apple out of an Orange. Dear, wake up because you are living a lie fed to you by propaganda with an agenda.”

Free Palestine.

Yours truly,

Omar from Gaza


  1. Way to go Bro, God Bless you for your amazing Talents :))
    Dont u ever stop writing ya Omar NEVER

  2. I genuinely like you writing, but your argument is false. Yes, there was a land called Palestine, but there was no state called Palestine as there is a land called Lancashire, which does not the rights of the Lancashirians for their state. But there was a state called Israel and there was a state called Judah. The invaders, Romans for that matter, choose to renamed it after a tribe which has nothing to do with the Jews (or with the Arab for that matter).
    There is however, a different point I want to stress. The problem of this conflict is the erroneous notion that there is a land that belongs to someone. It is a lie. Palestine does not belong to the Palestinians as Israel does not belong to the Jews. It's rather opposite, the Jews and the Palestinians belong to the land. We are mortal we come and go and the only meaning of owning that makes sense is to have other people agree that we own something. Other than that we don't own anything. We don't own our lives much less a land that has been here for eons and will be here long after we are forgotten.
    I think the best way is really to consider how we can live together rather than argue pointlessly over the property rights.

  3. Excellent Omar, I think in the haste to share information and help in all ways,people just glance.This is a beautiful reminder to read what we share.. xx

  4. thank you for these insights, I was intending to purchase the poster as it appeared pro=palestine but now have reconsidered considering its chequered background

  5. Absolutely the stupidest rant ever written, Omar.
    Check the Torah, Hebrew Bible written thousands of years ago, way before Islam, and the names for the Jewish homeland is mentioned 36 times.
    Check for yourself!
    Jews have always dwelt in the land known as Israel legally post 1948 and yes, Palestine the territory before 1948. It wasn't a country called Palestine. It has no flag prior to 1948, the Israeli flag, but it has a territory flag that was blue and white with a star of David at its center.
    PALESTINE before 1948 did not have a leader, government, currency, national song, flag, charter, constitution,. Anything. Again, research it you will find nothing. Palestine was actually Southern Syria and part of Trans Jordan, thus the Palestinians post 1948, chose the Jordanian flag as their own, less the star.
    No, the Arabs living there were just Arabs. Ask yourself why did the "Palestinians " suddenly decide they wanted an official state in 1948???? Why not declare a State before with a president, government, currency, infrastructure, army, school system, postal system, UN delegation just like all the other Arab countries all around them? Jews did not steal Palestine! There are official records of Bill of sales for much of the land to be officially called Israel.
    Look it up, nothing to hide if you don't believe me.
    One final point. The Arabs decided to side with Germany in both worlds wars. Germany and the Arabs lost those wars including the wars of 1948, 1967, 1973.
    Losers of wars, like Germany, do NOT get to decide or dictate boundaries or anything to the victors.
    That's how it's been since the beginning of time.