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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Israeli aggression against Gaza: 17 killed, 106 injured in 24h

New Israeli aggression against Gaza

Gaza, July 8, Israel launched a new aggression\operation\offensive against Gaza and decided to name “Protective Edge” also known as “Solid Rock”. Israeli warplanes, tanks, drones and warships participated in bombing places across Gaza all day long. This makes it the third Israeli open war against Gaza in 5 years or less. This isn’t a report, this is a personal account of what I lived today through the first day of Israel’s new aggression on Gaza.

Israel started bombing houses this time, deliberately, with no intent to apologize or stop. So many houses got bombed that we lost count. Families whose houses got bombed are: Hashash, Za’bout, Yaseen, Shabat, Agha, Kaware’, Al Ghalban and a few others. Israel committed a massacre when they bombed Kaware’ family house directly when people were forming a human shield around it to protect it from being bombed. Many died and got injured, most of them were children.

Israel attacked lands, mosques, houses, cars, motorbikes, free zones, humans and pretty much anything and everything in Gaza. You can hear consecutive explosions across Gaza, even if they far away, ground keeps shaking, the house keeps shaking and the windows nearly fly.

Israel admitted bombing 90 targets a few hours ago. And they never stopped.

Ministry of Health, Gaza, said a little while ago, Israel’s new aggression left 17 dead and more than 100 injured in less than 24 hours. And far from over.

Israeli PM, Netanyahu, said that a ground offensive is being set up. Israeli government called upon 40 thousand or even more reservists to be ready for duty to escalate the aggression against Gaza.

Among the dead and the injured are allot of children.

No place in Gaza is safe, Israeli bombing is louder and stronger than ever which makes it even more dangerous especially that houses are being targeted now.

Gaza remains under fire even during Iftar and Suhoor time which shows that Israel has no respect for religions whatsoever and doesn’t care that we are in a holy month called Ramadan. Gaza remains under fire even as I write this blog.

Its expected to get worse tonight, so stay tuned.


  1. r u for real?? hamas didnt stop firing rockets and chose ramadan for an escalation..

    how can you twist this around?!? do you not know whats going on?

    1. that didnot kill any terroist Israelians, did it ?!?! ask urself this question istead "do u know what's going on" ?????

  2. is death the only currency you know?? is that the only threshold of life??

    terrorising towns for decades - irrespective of the extent of the damage - is not acceptable?

    if your child was harassed at school every day - even if it didn't kill him - would you sit quietly??

    of course not

    hamas rockets have destroyed so many communities and so many lives.. death is not the only form of destruction..

    are you saying that Israel should just accept the rockets and do nothing because people haven't directly died?