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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chapter 2: Gaza still under Israeli attacks, 16 killed

Chapter 2: Gaza still under Israeli attacks, 16 killed

Chapter two:

Gaza, March 11, Gaza remains under Israeli attacks for the second day in a row, while Islamic Jihad is still on “retaliation” mode. Another exchange of rockets that leads to 3 killed and many others injured in Gaza, a few injuries in Israeli settlements.

Again, Israeli warplanes raided different areas in Gaza starting from Rafah in the south and ending by Beit Hanoun in the north. Israeli F16s raided a motorbike; Israeli Apaches raided a tuk-tuk, Israeli tanks shelled eastern Gaza, and Israeli armed boats opened random and sporadic fire across Gaza shore.

This second day of Israeli attacks on Gaza left 3 killed and a few injured. Medics announced the death of Yehia Dahashan, 27, died after a serious injury due to an Israeli air raid on March 10. Medics also released the names of the 3 killed Gazans of the second day of Israeli attacks on Gaza:
Hussein Al Bureim, 51, and Mansour Abu Nasira, 21, and Mahdi Abu Shaweesh, 24.

Medics announced the discovery of a new body in Zayton Neighborhood, Gaza, after an Israeli air strike on a free zone there. Ahmed Deeb Salem, 23, with that the death toll rises to 16 in two days and 33 others injured.

Israel showed clear signs of panics today and that came in the following steps:

1-     Schools closed for further notice due to security concerns.
2-      Ben Gurion Airport closed due to security concerns. “Unprecedented”
3-      Israelis and settlers rushed to the “secured” shelters\bunkers.
4-      YouTube removed a video showing Islamic Jihad’s new rocket-launcher.
5-      Israeli hackers tried to hack Gaza’s internet network.

Ismail Haniyah, Prime Minister of Gaza’s De Facto government, released a very short statement to the press saying: “Haniyah is doing intensive calls with many parties to halt the Israeli attacks on Gaza”.

On the other hand, Mahmoud Abbas, Head of the Palestinian Authority, requested the Palestinians to maintain truce\cease fire so as to not give Israel a reason to commit crimes. He held Israel accountable for its crimes against humanity in Gaza, he also accused Israel of destroying Gaza’s infrastructure.

Israeli officials rushed to announce –in an indirect\official- way their will to cease fire if all parties can stick to it and to announce that they aren’t interested in any further escalation. They blamed Hamas for the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza and expressed their satisfaction behind the nature of the targeting in the last Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Palestinian officials in Gaza blamed Israel for breaking the cease fire first by the first Israeli air strike on Friday that left 2 killed. They considered it a provocation and asked the world to hold Israel accountable for their massacres in Gaza and Palestine.

Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, broke her silence by a very short statement released to the press, she said: “The European Union is following –with concern- the escalation of violence in Gaza and the Southern of Israel”.

To top things off, Gaza’s Energy Authority, announced that Gaza’s only power plant will be shutting down –completely- today, for the 3rd time in a month, because of the lack of fuel. Gaza will sink under darkness again, but will be lit by the Israeli war machines.

Can you imagine yourself living in such drier situation? Well, this is what citizens of Gaza have to live through.
Palestinians in Gaza resorted to social media to get their voices heard and report what is happening in Gaza. 
However, the lack of electric power and the endless attempts of Israeli hackers to hack Gaza’s network left citizens of Gaza in a blackout.

Just in: The body of 
Stay tuned….

Omar from Gaza

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  1. Not everyone in Israel is happy to see Gaza bombed. I am really sorry that any of this happens and I see the Palestinians as my brothers and the war between us as a civil war, which has to be stopped. I wish you all the best and peace.