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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gaza's avant garde beauty revealed

Revealing Gaza's avant garde beauty

When you remember Gaza or hear of it the first few things that come to your mind are: siege, suffering, power cuts, water-fuel-supplies shortages, war, martyrs, injuries, horrible living conditions, challenges, desperation, biggest open-air prison and similar stuff.

But what you don’t know is that Gaza is much more than this, Gaza holds beauty. Unfortunately Gaza’s beauty is covered and deformed by Israel’s constant barbaric attacks on Gaza that leaves no choice or time for anyone to stop and think about such unique beauty. I think it will do Gazans, Palestinians and pro-Palestinians good to read and watch something good and happy and beautiful about Gaza for a change, therefore I decided to dedicate this post to Gaza’s beauty by revealing Gaza’s avant garde beauty in a number of pictures below.

Pictures shedding a light on Gaza’s natural beauty taken by the amazing and talented Gazan Phtographer, Mohammed Asad:

Photos taken by the artistic Wasseem Sarraj:


P.S. It was very hard to find photos of happy children in Gaza so I tried to collect a few. If you dont believe me, google "Gaza children" and see that all the pictures are of devastated Gazan children. Since this post is supposed to be happy and beautiful I will end it by saying I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Hey Omar
    After i read post and saw pics i realized that first time i see normal, usual photos (i mean photos not point out attacks or war) of Gaza. OMG its beatiful.I loved each one but especially the one with orange flowers on a tree.Thanx a lot for this lovely post.I hope to come and swim in Gaza sea one day :)

    One love !

  2. صور كثير حلوه عن جد انا لما شفت الصور اشتقت لغزه اكثر واكثر
    يسلمو علي هاي الصور

  3. Really beautiful photos of Gaza. People usually don't see this side of Gaza. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Thanks for these photos. I remember the most wonderful sand in the world, beautiful trees and plants, and the most wonderful people - generous and kind beyond belief, while living in unimaginable conditions.

  5. Thank you all! Sorry for my late commenting! This is a post that am very proud of! Gaza has many faces and beauty is 1 of them :) U r all beautiful!