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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Palestinian factions sign the Palestinian reconciliation paper 1 day earlier

Palestinian reconciliation paper signed 1 day earlier

Gaza, May 3, Just like the initial signing on the Palestinian reconciliation paper in Cairo and the secretive meeting between Hamas and Fatah came as a surprise, today came a new surprise when the Palestinian factions did the official final signing on the Egyptian paper of the Palestinian reconciliation. The signing came one day earlier than the day reported before.

Azzam Al Ahmad, Fatah, said that a conference was held today with the participation of all Palestinian factions so they can sign the Egyptian paper of the Palestinian reconciliation which Hamas and Fatah initially signed on April 27th.

A ceremony will be held tomorrow to celebrate the Palestinian reconciliation with the presence of Mahmud Abbas, Palestinian president, all Palestinian factions and many other Arab and international prominent figures.

Egypt declared that an official invitation was sent to all Arab Foreign ministers in addition to many other international and European countries (including China and Russia) to be a part of tomorrow’s ceremony.

Its also reported that Many Egyptian officials will attend including Amro Mousa, Secretary-General of the Arab League.

This will have a step to naturally follow the singing of the reconciliation, which is releasing the political prisoners of both Fatah and Hamas in Gaza and the West bank.

Now the big step is the preparations of forming a transitional government that will be leading the Palestinian house for one year till the preparations for Presidential and legislative elections are ready to take place.

Palestinians everywhere felt happy and shocked hearing about the signing today and we all felt that its essential to sign it ASAP considering all the international, national and local pressure in all directions which can be damaging. Palestinians believe that this time the reconciliation it might last and work out to be successful.

Palestinians are also expressing their gratitude for Egypt that played a huge rule in helping Palestinians since years ago.

As the first good sign of this Palestinian reconciliation, the daily power outage in Gaza didn’t take place today which made Gazans more hopeful towards seeing the siege break soon.

The second good sign is that the Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued an order allowing Palestinians with Egyptian mothers to obtain the Egyptian nationality.
The hard part hasn’t come yet and this is far from over, now the upcoming months will witness huge efforts from all Palestinian factions to resolve all the issues and work on taking Palestine into a safe lasting unity. A transitional government has to be formed, elections has to be discussed, many issues still need to be resolved and dealt with.

One of the hottest file which will take the biggest attention is the file of the armed conflict that happened between Hamas and Fatah that led to deaths from both parties and deaths of civilian Palestinians in Gaza. The file isn’t political, its humane and deals with complicated issue related to bloodshed. This file will need allot of time, effort and healing to be resolved and both Hamas and Fatah said that it’s a sensitive matter but they will work on it.

The debate about the UN recognizing a Palestinian state is still going on and I believe that it will affect the reconciliation while the reconciliation will give the UN a stronger will to actually go on with this declaration in June.

Palestine is going through a very important year this year, many changes and many major good news. We will witness allot of important events and we are hopeful enough to believe that this is a good step towards a siege-free Gaza and a liberated Palestine.

Al Arabiya reported a breaking news flash saying that Netanyahu, Israeli PM, demanded Abbas, Palestinian president, to immediately cancel the Palestinian reconciliation agreement.

Palestinian across Palestine will march tomorrow in masses celebrating the Palestinian reconciliation, calls are also asking for mass marches on Friday calling it "Reconciliation Friday".

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