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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bab Al Shams - The Gate of The Sun

Bab Al Shams - The Gate of the Sun

Bab Al Shams doesnt need any introduction but for those who wonder what I am talking about, check this link:

This was very inspiring, I couldnt sleep last night. I was glued to my laptop keeping a close eye on Bab Al Shams until Israeli heavily armed forces barbarically attacked and dismantled Bab Al Shams, arresting and injuring Palestinian and foreign activists who were peaceful and unarmed - Link: I cant be present at Bab Al Shams so the least I can do is write an inspired poem about it. And it goes like this:

Bab Al Shams
Freedom is set to come
Shining through the gate of the sun
Darkness, we will overcome
Everything in our power will be done
Look at those idiots
Trying to defy the universe
Closing the sun’s gate
Fighting against fate
Don’t you know the sun will always shine?
Don’t you know that the land is mine?
Break my bones and cuff my hands
I’ll come here tomorrow again to stand
I never give up
Go ahead and try to shut me up
My voice will break every silence
Let my step set off sirens
May you fear even my dance
We are here, we are all Bab Al Shams
Taking back what we already own
Taking it back on our own
Defying barbarism with our bare flesh
Growing stronger with every thresh
They can break our spine but not our spirit
We wont abandon our land, our souls are in it
Story will be told
Whether young or old
Tell Issawi to hang in there
His hunger is stronger than thunger
The sun will inevitably shine
Over a free Palestine


  1. Inspirational...captures the essence of Resistance!

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