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Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 days of continuous Israeli brutal assaults

19 dead, 60 injured, 12 in critical state

Gaza, April 9, Israeli continues their brutal assaults in Gaza giving us a vivid taste of Gaza war 2008-2009. Three days of constant bombing, shelling & targeting with missiles on numerous locations in Gaza.

Last night Israeli shells fell on a populated area near shuhada cemetery and hitteen school, it was a real massacre, many reported injuries and 2 martyrs fell from which one of them is a child named Wael Al Jaru which arrived the hospital in pieces, as for the second martyr he remained unidentified because he arrived to the hospital a body with no head.

Israeli missiles also targeted 2 civilian cars, populated areas like Shawwa sq., populated street behind an UNRWA school, heavy shelling on Al zaytoon area, raids on Shyja’eya and also Jabaliya.

Today morning, Ahmed Al Zaytoona, 30, fell as a martyr, he belongs to Al Qassam Brigades, armed-wing of Hamas movement.

Total account of martyrs is 19 in 3 days from which some of them are children, 60 got injured from which 12 are critical, among the injured are women; children, medics and old men.

Basem Na’eem, Minister of health, held a press conference today saying that Gaza is heading into a human catastrophe if the Israeli brutal attacks continue.

Israeli attacks and explosions are happening till now, warplanes of all kinds are still raping Gaza sky.

I will post a report with the names of all martyrs and more info on the injured once this inhuman Israeli assaults end.

To be continued….


  1. Dear Omar, our prayers are with you. We're grateful that you keep us informed.
    God bless you all, and Godspeed Palestine's Liberation.

    Heike Winnig Timol

  2. Not even one word about WHY Israel retaliated. So typical to Arabs, to lie and present a false picture. Hamas attached an Israeli SCHOOL BUS (yes, you read it right, a school bus full of children) with an anti-tank missile. They also keep firing rockets and mortars over Israeli civilians jut for the fun of terrorising Israel. Needless to say, without any prior provocation or any Israeli action. Israel decided to retaliate and attack Hamas, who cowerdly hides behind civilian population while they perform their terror attack. Hard to believe that Hamas doesn't learn! Even after the 2008 war, when they failed colossally, they keep playing with fire and continue their terror attacks and then cry out loud when they get burned.
    Let the truth be told, Mr. Omar Ghraieb. Be objective (I doubt if you know what it means) and present ALL the facts, and not just the Palestinians ones (which are mostly lies anyway).