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Friday, April 8, 2011

Israel shells Gaza for 2nd consecutive day

More Gazans dead and injured

Gaza, April 8, Israel continues using full force on Gaza for the second consecutive day. Israel again using warplanes, tanks and warships against civilians in Gaza.

They targeted allot of areas in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Gaza leaving nowhere. No place was safe in Gaza and no one was safe. Most of these areas are residential.

Israel is still shelling till this second and Palestinian resistance in Gaza are trying to respond back which indicates to a probable war in the horizon. Medics declared an emergency state and called in all doctors and nurses to be present as Gaza passes through hard time.

First martyr was Talal abu Tah 55 years old who was targeted while heading to the mosque to pray, then Najah and Nidal qudaih, 45 and 21, both were killed while preparing lunch when an Israeli shell fell on their heads, another three martyrs fell: Abdullah al Qara, 20, and Motaz Abu Jame’, 20, both died in a drone shelling in Khan Younis.

Two more martyrs fell: Raed Shehata from Al Qassam brigades, 27, and Ahmed Ghurab who was with him, he first was heavily injured then passed away minutes later.

Two more martyrs fell while I was writing this report, they fell when Israel tanks started shelling a residential area near Hitteen school and shuhada cemetery in Gaza. Ten were also injured from which 5 are children.

Ofcourse Israeli shelling is continuous targeting many different areas and it seems like it will continue for tonight atleast if not for the upcoming days, maybe an Israeli war would be waged.

To be continued….

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