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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few of my poems I wrote for Palestine

Emancipation, I am Palestine, Little Nora, Oppression

Since some of my tweeps cant enter my notes on Facebook I decided to share few of my poems here:


I'm scared and alone,

it's terrifying.

Explosions, blood, dead humanity is flying in parts.

Should I run? Scream? Shout? Or start crying?

I am lost like a ghost.

I don’t understand but I'm trying hard.

Am I dead or I'm dying?

Maybe it’s a dream that I can shake away.

Maybe it’s a night mare with dark rainbow rays,

Or can it be just a bad day?

My gut says it’s a pain that will stay.

I close my eyes and open them again,

I can't believe what happened;

I saw a man playing the violin,

I looked deep into his eyes

I swear I saw a tear but I can't hear him cry.

I am thinking of ways to escape, but how?

I look at the skies and see them get raped.

I look at the beaches and see them beaten up in hate.

It's so dark yet there is no shade.

How did I get myself into this crusade

The man whispers to my ear;

"The exit is very very near,

All you have to do is to come over your fear."

He guided me towards getting strengthen and

All I did was listen to the voice with in.

He said my wings are ready to help me fly

He said:

"Up there no one can hurt you now fly up high!"

He asked me to set myself free

Where I can witness the marriage between infinity and eternity,

There where all miseries end

I am safe; I can transcend


I am …… Palestine

I am Palestine …… I am not scared

I am Palestine …… I will never be heard

I am Palestine …… you have no idea what I bared

I am Palestine ……. I have done things you never dared

I am Palestine ……. Have you ever cared?

I am Palestine ……. I will never be shared

I am Palestine ……. I fly high even when I am an injured bird

I am Palestine ……. I shall never be raped, hurt or admeasured

I am Palestine ……. You tried to subject me and you simply backscattered

I am Palestine ……. Just like the phoenix from my ashes I emerged

I am Palestine ……. You asked and I answered


Little Nora went early to bed that night

When she heard a humming sound becoming closer

She rushed to her window to see warplanes so close in sight

But she didn’t care

Because she could swear

That this happens every night

She went back to her warm bed

And placed her little head

On her little fluffy pillow colored red

She started counting the happy sheep

She reached number nine then fell asleep

Dreaming of a new happy peaceful day

So she can wake up, kiss her mom then play

Little Nora didn’t know that this is her last night

She won’t be able to witness the sunlight

A loud deep explosion was heard but Nora never woke up

The missiles were invading her room non-stop

Little Nora stepped into another world

Were birds & laughs can be heard

Nora saw little children with freckles and curls

They were all playing and feeling safe

They were all strong and brave

Nora smiled thinking she is in heaven and no longer in hell

And that her family had her story to tell

Nora knew that her people won’t be numb anymore

They will fight for their freedom till it comes to their door

*Nora could be a Palestinian child or a Libyan child or an Iraqi child or an Afghan child or any child living in an oppressed country where fascists have no mercy and she has to pay the price of freedom.



Get on your knees

Its Hercules

Your mission is to beg for every tease

I want to hear you scream “Please”

You don’t have any say

All you can do is to obey

Freeze when I demand you to freeze

I have no mercy and nothing to cease

Your pains and torture will increase

Your ownership and dignity will decrease

I will rape your land

Steal your legacy

Break your legs

So you cant stand

When I invade your privacy

I will break your face

Paint you with disgrace

Until you rest your case

And stop fighting for your freedom

I will cover your sky

And make it dark

Dry your sea

Until you bark

I will rip your mother’s heart

And squeeze

I will kill your dad

With ease

Ill use your children as human shields

Rape your wife and sisters

Maybe rape you too

With no regrets or things to undo

Ill burn your trees

Ill demolish every house

Shoot the birds and step on any mouse

Wipe you from this earth

Show you all shades of death

Feed every newborn child

To my monsters and their pride

Ill never be happy

Until I bring your insides outsides

Ill put you in a little box

Only you and a wild fox

Bring joy to my eyes

While I see you two fight

What a sight

I want to see ripped apart

Deny you from food and water

And when I am bored

Ill play with you a game called “slaughter”

Ill throw you in refugee camps

Fill you all over with labels and stamps

Ill take you a hostage

Till you give me your heritage

Ill stab you till you stop resisting

Ill unleash my devils as long as you are existing

Yes ofcourse I want peace

Doesn’t that mean to blow you into pieces?

And step on you like little creatures?

No education

No rights

Deal with it, reality bites

I don’t see anybody standing up for you

They all abandon you

You are on your own

Oh wait your not even that

You are for me to own

I terrorize you with all kinds of internationally banned weapons

While you fight back with a stone

Isn’t that justice?

I don’t care if the world is a witness

What will the world do?

Fight for you?

I don’t think so

The world followed silence

When I was using violence

So just lose hope

I don’t care if you cope

I like playing this game

I never felt shame

Do you want to know my name?


Through this poem I wish salvation

For every oppressed nation

Not only Palestine

We are all meant to shine

Break our mental and physical constraints

Release ourselves and others from all kinds of pains

Live free or die trying

Stop Oppression

Stop judging

Stop condemning

Stop bullying

Stop labeling

One nation, one love and united by humanity


  1. It is interesting to hear different opinions on the subject. When I travelled to Argentina, I got this apartment rental in Buenos AiresoI asked people there who they supported. They are really respectful so they didn´t want to argument for one or another, they jus said they wanted peace in the Middle East.