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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hamas & Fatah agreed on initial agreement

Hamas & Fatah agree on creating transitional government

Hamas and Fatah members and representatives met in Cairo in an unplanned meeting today amid media blackout -which is unusual-, since they always share news about the arranged meetings. The meeting was described as “positive”.

This meeting was actually more than “positive” since Hamas and Fatah both signed an initial agreement on the Egyptian reconciliation paper. Its noteworthy that Hamas and Fatah came close of signing this same Egyptian reconciliation paper many times before then changed their minds last minute demanding more changes and exchanging blames.

Hamas representative who signed this initial agreement was “Musa Abu Marzooq” with Fatah representative “Azzam Al Ahmad” in Cairo under the support of Egypt or new Egypt if I may say.

Both conflicted parties agreed on creating a new transitional government.

The first initial reaction of Palestinians was a bitter-sweet feeling, they are hopefully yet they cant forget that this news happened before and didn’t end up to be fruitful or take place in reality.

Will we witness a real full Palestinian reconciliation this time and the end of the Palestinian division? Or is it just a new stunt? Only time will tell I guess.

Cairo will summon the Palestinian factions to sign the final agreement within a week in the presence of President Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal. News talked about a government of national unity should be created in a few days. News also reported that a press conference to be held tonight to declare more info.

Azzam Al Ahmad,Fatah representative, to Maan: We agrred upon creating a technocratic government, and an important press conference tonight #Palestine.

Sources also said that both conflicted parties discussed the elections and PLO.
To be continued .....