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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The fine line between Authenticity and counterfeits

Ocean & Blue rose, Bes & Wanna Bes, Angelina Jolie & Justin Bieber, Palestine & Israel

As we all know, there is a really thin fine line between being authentic and faking it. For example, instead of talking about the similarities between the ocean and blue roses, why don’t we talk about the differences?

You might think I am touching the surface, and the differences are either water and flowers or difference in letters but what I am trying to say here is that there is one deep vital difference between the ocean and a blue rose even if they are both blue.

The ocean is painted by an artistic touch of the blue sky, the color is genuine and real. Its natural paint created by god. While blue roses are usually white roses dyed with blue food coloring. While both may appear blue, one is real while the other is a counterfeit.

In life, people are usually divided into two categories regarding authenticity:

1- Bes: People who are comfortable with themselves and who they are, they accepted themselves for their flaws and qualities. People who aren’t afraid of being proud of who they are, they don’t feel like they need to be like anyone rather their own selves no matter how unique and different they are from the stereotypical type of the “perfect” people.

2- Wanna Bes: People who always thrive to be like a certain kind of people that they look up to or like or wish to be similar to. They lose themselves completely to become a copy of a certain kind of people so they can feel better and accepted which usually backfires at the end. Wanna Bes are those who wanna be like the bes, makes sense yet?

I try to always be tolerant enough to accept and love every human being regardless of any racism symptoms or obstacles. I don’t care whether you are black, white, beige or brown. I only care about how humane you are and how authentic you are. Every person has his own radar for authentic people and counterfeits which can be founded on many different standards. I have mine, and I am sorry to say that I don’t like fake people and I can’t accept them. Why don’t you work on yourself and try to represent who you are in a good way rather than becoming a copy of a person you admire? Why don’t you try to be unique in your own way and set an example rather than craving to be someone else?

I truly cant understand those who rush to have Botox injected in their lips to have their lips look exactly like the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, either because they love and admire her or because they need to boost their self confidence and look hotter by having Angie’s sexy lips. Well News Flash, Angie is unique because of who she is and what she represents so having her lips wont make you rich like her, sexy like her or humane like her. Its not hard for you to love and admire Angie but be happy and satisfied with your own lips. Angie’s sexiness, popularity and authenticity are all already taken by her so find your own instead of wasting your time trying to be a lame copy of her.

I laughed so loud when I heard that thousands of guys and boys in America going for the Bieber hair-cut or the Bieber look. Ok so I don’t like him and I think he is lame but even if I did I wouldn’t go get his hair-cut or maybe shake my hair bangs like he does or adopt his clothing style (yuck). Bieber fever was the most saddening but hilarious thing I have ever heard, people are willing to jump along on any new trend no matter how lame it is or it sounds.

I don’t know why people think they are obligated to ride every new trend. Its either Bieber or Kardshian or Lady GaGa or other music or any other kind of influential icons. Why don’t you be unique like them instead of being a copy of them?

Instead of thriving to taste every new trend, I would advise you to start your own new trend and have people thriving to taste it. Don’t overdo stuff, just be yourself.

Be yourself and walk your own path even if it sometimes hurts or pressures you to a point where you cant take it anymore. I am not preaching anyone here, I mean dont get me wrong I would love to have Brad Pitt's abs with Johnny depp’s charisma with Lady GaGa’s popularity and every other star’s blue eyes but yet I have to be proud of who I am and work on myself more to complete the whole puzzle of me.

I didnt want to shove Palestine into this but its somehow connected. Sometimes you abuse power and oppression to gain ownership and control. So originally the land belongs to Palestine but Israel used violence to gain ownership. This usually fails because what is yours will still remain yours at the end. So its clear here who is real and who is fake, who is authentic and who is the counterfeit.


Would you wanna be a wanna be or a unique be? would you rather be a dyed blue rose or a genuinely blue shore?

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