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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 1 of Gaza's revolt

Day1: we wanna be heard

Gazan youth decided to make history a day earlier by starting the protests and revolting from today.

They headed to Al jundi al majhool sq. (Unknown Soldier sq.) here in Gaza and decided to have their voices heard. Patriotic songs were filling the place on huge speakers. Gazan youth were dancing and singing along then chanting " No No to division" and "The people want the division to end".

Since it was the 1st day and it came as a sudden decision it was a bit chaotic which is normal. It has it good sides and bad sides but you cant judge since its day 1.

Gazan youth asked Gaza's municipality to provide the sqaure with lighting since it became so dark at night.

Rumors started spreading about fighting, harassments and robberies but 90% of them were untrue and exagerrated.

Youth were in high spirits chanting, dancing and waving the Palestinian flag demanding the end of the Palestinian divsion now.

I saw people from all ages and all walks of life there, I saw dads and granddads with their children and grandchildren, also saw mothers, young women, young guys, little boys and journalists were all over the place taking pictures and videos.
The number reached 1000 participant and many planned for a sleep-in at the square.

Hamas is planning on joining the protests tomorrow by sending a huge number of Hamas-supporters.

Gazan youth insist on the fact that the protests are non-political.

Participants expect yet more people to come tomorrow and they also count on having a huge impact.

I will do my best to be there tomorrow and share new pics. Till then enjoy the pics I posted above and a youtube video here:

Keep praying for Gaza.
Keep watching this space:

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Take care,
Omar 4m Gaza

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