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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Israel committs 2nd masacre same day in Gaza, 4 dead

3rd bombing, 2nd massacre in the same day in Gaza
Israel is thristy for blood

Gaza, March 22, Four men died and a fifth was wounded when the Israeli occupation forces shelled a civilian car near “Tunisia school” in Al Zaytoun district, east of Gaza City on Tuesday evening.

Medics spokesman, Adham Abu Salmeyah, reported that the wounded were injured by shrapnel in the lower limbs, while witnesses said that the martyrs arrived to “Shefa Hospital” in shredded pieces.

The martyrs are resistance fighters from Al-Quds Brigades, military wing of Islamic Jihad, and they are: Sa’di Helles, and Adham al Harazin, Mohamed Attia al Harazin, and Mohammad Abed.

Bringing the record of martyrs to 8 in one day and it looks like they are not done.

Spokesman of the Israeli army claimed that their troops shelled a location where Palestinian militants were present in, located in Al Zaytoun neighborhood, and who have fired rockets toward Israeli towns, as he claims.

The Israeli army raised the degree of preparedness in the wake of information about the intention of some factions of the resistance to carry out operations and attacks against the Israeli occupation army.


PHOTO: Showing the previous martyrs from which 3 of them are children

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