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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Great happiness to major disappoint

Gaza revolts day2

Today was epic, protesters gathered at al katibah and created a human chain and then moved to al jundi l majhool square and everything was fine till Hamas supporters showed up.

They wanted to take over by gathering at al jundi al majhool square holding Hamas flags, protesters resented that and tried to let them understand that #March15 movement is purely youth without any political background or political preference.

Light clashes occured between both groups, they exchanged throwing rocks at each other and some verbal profanities till the youth decided to leave al jundi sqaure and head back to al katibah because they arent looking for trouble.

The atmosphere was buzzing and amazing there, many youth joined and many were coming every minute. Every one chanting, dancing and singing. The weather was awesome.

I left to upload the pics and video I took because I lost my connection at al katiba, minutes later i heard that Hamas was warning everybody to leave alkatibah before 5 pm so as to not to risk epmtying al katibah by force.

People ignored the warning and started flowing to al katibah and planned a sit-in and a sleep-in.

at 7 pm something weird was happening, I started hearing sirens then gunshots then people screaming and running in all directions. (I live near al katibah)

Things got ugly and Hamas ended up emptying al katibah by force, many protesters were injured.

Tomorrow is mysterious, we dont know yet what will happen. Will people go to the streets again to protest? or take a rest?

Only tomorrow will answer these questions.

Youtube vid before the attacks:

Who knows what will tomorrow bring.

Take care,

Omar 4m Gaza

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  1. places followers in your blog, viva the Palestinian people!