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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Israeli tanks shells a house east of Gaza, 4 died

Israel seeks more blood

Gaza, March 22, Israeli artillery shelled a residential area east of Gaza City on Tuesday evening, which led to the death of an elderly man, a boy and two children, in addition to the wounding of 10 others, including four children.

Witnesses reported that four artillery shells fell on the door of a house belonging to Faeq Al Hilo near al-Rahman and Qura’n mosque located at the Al Shuja’eya neighborhood east of Gaza.

They said the children were playing at the door of the house when it was targeted by the bombing.

Local sources said that the martyrs were: Yasser Hamed Al Hilo (50 years) and Mohammad Jihad Al Hilo (11 years) and Yasser Ahed Al Hilo (16 years), and Mohamed Saber Harara (20 years).

Medical sources are not yet sure about the precise number of the martyrs that fell as a result of that unjust vicious shelling on civilians and residential homes.

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  1. You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for your great reporting! We don't get this news in the US. It's so sad. :( Stay safe.