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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 15th: awaited date for a revolution directed by youth (ONLY)

A revolution in the making

Gazan youth are excited to be following the foot steps of their fellow arabs who started a successful revolution inspired by the Palestinian Intifada in the 1st place which was considered as a new way of revolting. Intifada even made it to the dictionaries.

Gazan youth chose March 15th to be the historical date for a huge mobilized march that demands the end of the Palestinian division. This march is organized and directed by Youth and Youth ONLY. Its not directed or driven by any Palestinian political party in the background or behind the scenes. The march came as the Palestinian Youth's reaction to their frustration and anger of the Palestinian division and its about time this division came to an end.

Seeing the Tunisian revolution, then the Egyptian epic revolt, Libya after that, Bahrain followed and a number of other Arabic attempts ofcourse gave us more hop and motive drive to join the March 15th protests in Gaza.

Only 4 days to go and the count down started. We cant wait to make history.

I will be there ofcourse since the start and will stay there to witness the whole thing no matter what happens.

If you wanna stay updated you better be watching this space and tracking me @:

Twitter: Omar_Gaza or

and ofcourse this blog.

Again I would like to emphasize on the fact that I dont belong to any Palestinian political party and that the march is just like me, its not driven by any Palestinian political party. Its purely youth who want a better life and want to gain the freedom of their country by ending the Palestinian division first then Ending the Israeli occupation.

Here is the Facebook link of the March 15th event:!/StopInqisam

I am not one of the organizers but I will be definately one of the particpants Inshallah.

I will try to be tweeting non stop and also Facebooking about it in addition to posting pictures if everything went well Inshallah.

Our time has come, and now its our chance to do something about the division. We need to be united to kick Israel out.
We aim for a united Palestine, we hope our voices will be heard.

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