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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tomorrow: Gaza has a date with history, will you be there?

Our time has come

Finally, March 15th is tomorrow and we cant be more excited, enthusiastic and glad because we will be making history tomorrow.

The Palestinian division has to come to an end and tomorrow is the date. I have heard so many mixed reactions on my decision to join the protests tomorrow and mainly everybody expected it to get ugly and get violent. But I was out last night and I saw the policemen actually helping youth while they were distributing the fliers asking everybody to join the protests tomorrow. I also learned now that Ismael Haniyah, PM of Gaza's De Facto government just asked Gaza's ministry of interior to actually let the youth protest and give them all the freedom they want because he personally supports the Gazan youth and thei demands of ending the Palestinian divsion.

I just hope that Fatah adopts the same encouraging postion as Hamas here in Gaza and leave the protesters in Ramallah to protest without any violence, I am not sure if IOF would actually step in to oppress them too. I just wish them and us safety and success.

Today is a huge day, I am getting ready for tomorrow. I need to bring a new Kuffeyeh for this important event :D and also bring a huge Palestinian flag to use it tomorrow.

I also need to get familiar with twitter on mobile so I can stay intouch with you all and send you the updates second by second and hopefully pictures too.

I wont deny that I was a bit worried of Hamas's reaction on tomorrow's protests but after seeing the policemen last night and P.M. Haniyah's statements this morning I am much more relaxed about it now.

You all better be watching this space and tracking my twitter and facebook accounts and be supporting all of us here :D Follow me here:

Ill do my best to keep tweeting the updates and hopefully share some pics too.

I will be praying god tonight to grant us success and safety Inshallah

Inshallah 2011 will be the year of Palestine where we end the division then end the occupation.

Will be mostly on twitter tomorrow on: Omar_Gaza then hopefully I would have the time to update my blog and facebook.

Sending you all outthere our love and gratitude.

Omar 4m Gaza

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