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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Israel bombs Gaza in an over-night air raid (as usual)

Gaza heading towards a new war?

Gaza, March 22, Israeli warplanes (F16s) launched a vast air raid on different targets in the Gaza Strip which led to the injury of 19 civilians. Medics spokesman, Adham Abu Salmeyah, reported that all of them were minor injuries, adding that among those who got injured were7 children and two women.

He added that 10 injuries reached “Shefa” hospital in Gaza City, while 9 other injuries arrived at the Kamal Odwan hospital. He also pointed out that "Hijazi" clinic, north of Gaza City, was heavily hit by one of the raids and got really damaged, pointing out that it’s the only clinic that provides health services for more than 10 thousand in the north-west area.

IOF spokesman claimed that the Israeli army launched its attacks last night on several targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the rockets launched by the resistance forces in Gaza, which fell recently on the sites and surrounding towns near Gaza.

He claimed in a statement published by the website of "Yediot Ahronot" Hebrew newspaper, that the raids targeted two tunnels of the resistance, and two sites for manufacturing explosives and one weapons storage, the same lame excuse that they always use to raid Gaza as if they need a reason to bomb us.

A series of air raids by Israeli "F-16" warplanes bombed the site of the Palestinian police that belongs to the De-Facto government in Gaza in the area of "Al Twam" north-west of Gaza City, but it was empty at the time of bombing. They also bombed a plastics factory east of Gaza City, wounding three civilians, including two children sustained minor injuries.

In addition, they also bombed a metal workshop in Gaza City, causing severe damage, Israeli warplanes also targeted with two missiles a location near the residential buildings of “Maqqousi”, west of Gaza City.

Israeli armed drones fired a missile on a free land east of Khan Younis, but it did not explode, so after about three minutes they fired another missile on the same location which led to a huge explosion. They also fired more missiles on other empty lands in Khan Younis.

The Apache armed helicopter targeted early yesterday an auto repair shop east of Gaza City, causing a huge material damage in it.

Gaza’s sky has recently experienced a heavy presence of Israeli different aircrafts and warplanes, Gaza also has been regularly bombed recently. Also an extensive militant activity was witnessed by Israeli tanks near Gaza’s borders, with sporadic shooting every now and then.

What awaits Gaza? A new war? Or only daily militant operations? I guess only time will tell.


  1. May Allah Subhana wa Ta' ala protect you all and your loved ones. Ameen ya Rabb.
    (reblogged as well)

    Wa salaam ' Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

  2. Hi Omar,

    Israel bombs Gaza... (as usual) you say !

    O.K. , You have the right to hold your opinion, But Dahilak ! A bit of honesty !

    Only a week ago, a whole family was slaughtered in their beds! NOTHING CAN JUSTIFY IT !
    Right after that, Gazans celebrated the "HEROIC AMALIA" as they call it down there, over Baklavas and other sweats.

    On Saturday, a rain of rockets and mortar shell fell from the skies of Gaza on Israeli homes !
    (What flying objects does the NFZ include?...)

    A shipload of that shit was captured at see. What for? To defeat the IDF with it ?

    Gaza is not heading towards a new war!
    Gaza is in the same shit as the rest of the ME and it will remain in that state for another 100 years !

    Look, Omar ! Look around yourself and see the MADNESS ! It was there for centuries ! Do you believe it will change let say, in one generation ?
    Don't tell me about Gaza !... I know Gaza better then I know Tel-Aviv !

    See this:- , &

    Ma Salame !


  3. may Allah keep everyone in Gaza safe Ameen. stay safe

    @Alexander: Israel has committed so many atrocities against Palestinians it should be tried for crimes against humanity. One day soon!

  4. @Alexander: perhaps you should follow your own advice and look at the bigger picture. there has yet to be an arrest related to the murder of the settler family, and all motives for it are purely speculative at this point. the last I heard was that an Asian worker was under some suspicion. as israel insists on persistantly poking at caged lions in Gaza and the West Bank as it's done for far too many years, it shouldn't be surprised by some sort of celebration when someone is perceived to have struck a blow to it, or when the lions choose to swat, in retaliation.
    the use of heavy artillery and f16 fighter bombers in a confined space, with no means of escape for those trapped there is completely unacceptable, by any standard.

  5. Said,

    1 - I heard a better explanation to the tragedy.
    The conspiracy is, that the three month old toddler stabbed her parent and two siblings to death while fast asleep and committed suicide by slitting her own throat !

    2 - It is perfectly normal for a frustrated husband to bang his wife's head against the wall !
    "Warriors", who decide to show their 'bravura' in front of children, must take in account that "football" is played in a "stadium" and not in the living room ! If a living room is all he has, it is recommended that he plays chess or reads a book !...

    3 - Cassius Clay ( Muhammad Ali ) the Ex Boxing world champion, also known as "The Big Mouth", could afford himself the luxury to say anything and do what ever he liked, to any body on this planet !
    But he did not !
    He was a real Gentleman ! He spoke nicely ! Some times even poetically... Why ?
    Because there are too many HAND GUNS around !....

    Life is a bitch ! Isn't it, huh ?

    Stay safe!


  6. Alexander Münch is anti Palestine and anti Muslim. His son's are in the IDF so for him to ask anyone to be honest is laughable at best.

    Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza !!!

  7. Alexander, what in God's name are you talking about? "It was there for centuries !" Even just this is enough to prove that you haven't a clue what you're talking about. WHAT was "there" for centuries, Alexander? Zionism? The death and destruction? Have you any historical notions whatsoever, other than the strange, and incoherent stories that Zionism brainwashes its children to learn? (such as "Palestine was an uninhabited land... but oh, the Palestinians all left voluntarily, in a sort of self-imposed, mass exile as soon as Israel was created"... Er... will you kindly clear this contradiction up for us, please: how the hell can a land be uninhabited and simultaneously be voluntarily mass-evacuated?).

    Do you know that the siege that Gazans live under is ILLEGAL according to ALL international law, no matter what way you wish to look at the issue? Are you also going to talk about the malls and land of abundance that Gazans live in, only pretending that they're subjected to atrocious hardships, when any independent report from human rights organisations the world over could state the exact opposite? Are you sure that they really are all "biased" and "emotional"?

    Please spare us the oasis in the desert chestnut as well, if you please... I honestly don't get how you people can continue to live in denial, blinded as you are by your desire to consider Palestinians subhuman!

    - Daniela Filippin

  8. The politicians always think that they know what’s best for the Jewish people, but only G-d knows that and He already told us what to do–-fight for the land and get rid of those who refuse to live in peace. The “House of Darkness” (UN) is already stirring, demanding a ceasefire, which is another word for surrender to terror and hope they won’t hit us again. Of course, the current unnamed leader of Hamas lost no time in getting in front of the TV cameras and said, “Israel must pull out of Gaza and stop the blockade. Then we will talk.” What a big surprise! That’s what happened in 2009 and their “talk” was more rockets being lobbed at Jewish homes. [Sigh] Let’s hope Bi Bi doesn’t wimp out like all the others. No Ceasefire until there is total victory.! More at