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Friday, April 15, 2011

GoodBye Vittorio Arrigoni, killed in Gaza 15\4\2011

We Will never forget you, RIP.

Vittorio Arrigoni,36, Italian ISM volunteer in Gaza plus a respectable journalist who always made his best to shed a light on Gaza, was kidnapped yesterday by an “unknown Group”. The group threatened to kill him if Hamas doesn’t respond to their demand: which is to release one of their prisoners in Hamas jails. They gave Hamas 30 hours starting from 11am from 14\4\2011.

At 3 30am 15\4\2011 Reuters News Flash on twitter reported Vittorio’s death, the source was unnamed Hamas source. Then tweets and rumors started asking about the credibility of this news, some started denying while others were confirming. At 4 am Vittorio Arrigoni’s death was confirmed by Hamas officials.

Ministry of Interior, Gaza, issued a press release saying that they immediately moved to search for him once they got the news of his abduction; they did their best until they reached 1 suspect who led them to the other suspects and the place where Vittorio was held in. They entered and found Vittorio already dead. They arrested two suspects and doubt that more accomplices may be involved. The press release also referred that the crime came to shake Gaza’s image and scare international activists away specially after the news of the preparations for a second freedom flotilla. The press release pointed out that the abductors wanted him dead because they killed him after a short while of his abduction. The Ministry of interior promised to follow all the murders, prosecute them and punish them.

The press release of the interior ministry in Gaza didn’t mention more info, no mentioning of the where and when he was abducted, why he was abducted and by whom.

On the other hand, France 24 offered more details –which I cant confirm or deny – about Vittorio’s death and abduction process without mentioning the source behind these info:

The Italian was killed by suffocation and his body was found in a street of the city of Gaza," a spokesman for the Islamist movement which controls the Gaza Strip told AFP.

Two suspected kidnappers were arrested and security officials are looking for accomplices.

Foreign aid workers in the enclave earlier named the man as Vittorio Arrigoni and said he was an activist with a pro-Palestinian group called the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), who was also working as a journalist and writer.

Vittorio was Italian by birth but his dedication to Palestine and Gaza made him no less Palestinian than any other Palestinian, he came to Gaza many times and live here for a while. He endangered his life numerous times while working as a volunteer with the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) in Gaza when he was trying to protect farmers and fisherman, in addition to his participation in all buffer-zone protests.

Vittorio meant allot for Palestinians, Gazans and his friend everywhere. He is a huge loss for us all, may he rest in peace.

We will never forget you Vik.


  1. I read 10 minutes ago in the ANSA about Vik death.
    I can't believe it. I can't understand why they did this. I can't stop cry.
    He is an example and he will always be. How generous a human being can be. How full of love a man can be. How he can pay with his life for what he believes in.
    I am so sad. So disappointed and once more angry a mad to my shitty and disgusting italian government that does nothing to end the conflict in the Middle Eastern. And did nothing in this case too.
    Vik, you will leave for ever in our hearts and in our memories.
    Your work will not end....neither your love.
    Miss you much!!!

  2. We will miss Vik, but never forget Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian, or we must say the Palestinian, or citizen of WORLD PEACE, yes he belongs to all three.

    It's because all of Israel crimes, killing, kidnapping, torturing, bloody history since before existence,courageous people as Vik was in GAZA & risked hid life daily with Israel barbaric bombings and shootings, fighting peacefully with palestinians for the right to exist, for their country's rights, against one of the worlds strongest military equiped terrorist country in modern times,  but with an army of cowards, that attacks on daily basis civilians, and kills with no mercy even the unborn child, uses forbidden international weapons as uranium so to kill Indiscriminately but slowly as not to awake the sleeping world conscious, that is trying to close its eyes; but activists for peace risk their lives around the world refuse the constant attempts to kill their conscious, they stand strong against injustice, against the worlds biggest systematic criminal coverups in modern time, activists as Vic throws water in the world face to wake it up or so it doesn't go back to sleep, and as the success of his shared struggle with the palestinians increases, as the world free citizens stand more & more with them, the coward state of Israel tries to silence him, and who stands with him, as it did try with the Flottilla massacre, but it's intimidations are failing, it failed with the Palestinians for 63 years of occupation, and it failed to stop the Flottila from returning, it failed from within as movement grows to end occupation, it failed to trick true religious Jews in using religion as they are condemning even it's existence, and their call to live in peace as they used to before it's creation in PALESTINE,yes it will fail, and justice will prevail. 

    Israel kidnapped Vittorio before, but even as they almost killed him, he kept fighting to the end, he died as a fighter for peace, to those which a noble peace prize should be awarded

    Israel always made fake Muslim groups to blame, to excuse and continue it's lust for killing, this is not new, watch "Al Nakba documentary by AlJazeera, specifically @ 1hr & 8 minutes"

    Solidarity with his family and friends and all who was touched by him, he will always be alive with us, alive with the Freedom Winds that never dies.

  3. Avivi you are an idiot who does not know manners at all. People are grieving here so have some respect!
    Besides, even though Israel MAY NOT be responsible for this, it does not deny the heinous crimes they did. When are you guys going to stop like Israel is innocent? when are you going to admit that Israel was the one who produced Hamas? Hamas is the "zuna" child of Israel's intercourse with greed and extreme religious Ideology.
    Rest in peave Vik. I want to mourn you like I mourn a hero. You were never a stray dog. You died a hero fighting against ones.

  4. انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون
    ‘Inna Lillahi wa ‘Inna ‘Ilayhi Raji’un

    I Salute the Martyr Vittorio Arrigoni, May Allah grant the Shaheed Jannatul Firdaus and ease it for his family,loved ones and Friends.
    Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil 'Alameen

    In honor of him and all Shuhada who died for the Palestinians cause and justice I will continue his and their fight. Their sacrifice and efforts will not be forgotten.

    iRemember the Martyrs:

  5. there r plenty israeli dogs in gaza n they represent themselves as islamists

  6. Vittorio, Vittorio, Vittorio, thou shalt be remembered. Thy light will never be forgotten or fade.

    Vittorio, my words and mind betray me, I find no conciliation, and I find no explanation.

    During your life, you taught us, and taught the world the meaning of solidarity and humanity. And your loss opened our eyes, there is still much to be done, that we shall not let the hands of oppression shut our voices or marginalize our souls.

    R.I.P. Vittorio ..

  7. So sad that some would use this man's death as an excuse to blame Israel for it. I'm no Israel lover, but this man was killed by idiots who just happen to be Palestinians. I hope Hamas hangs them.

    @Anab, why didn't you condemn winds2change's comments? Why only Avivi's?

    You cannot rewrite this man's death. It is a catastrophe that will set back the Palestinian cause for Justice. The fools that killed this man are not interested in Justice and Freedom, they are only interested in an Islamist Agenda.

  8. I can not believe whoever did this works for Palestinian freedom or support.

    This single murderous act will set back the cause. The haters will use this to say our cause is not a just cause.

    I pray that we catch these people quickly and get justice for Vik

    God bless you Vik and all the supporters of Palestine and Palestinians.

    Let's not let this get in the way

    Brian/Hamza Semmens

  9. may his soul rest in peace... Il popolo palestinese rende omaggio a Vittorio Arrigoni

  10. All Palestinians LOve You